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About J&B Printers

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J&B Printers, a family owned business opened it’s doors in 1985 by the late founder Mr Jasper Jack. What starting off in a small second floor office block at St Georges Street in Durban, soon grew into a house-hold name in the local printing industry. Within a few years office space grew small, having Mr Jack move to a ground floor premises in the central business district at 28 Park Street, which was considered a prime business location. The printing industry was a tough one in the 90's, but what Mr Jack saw was the need for a personalized print service, one that would service the end user’s specific need, budget and purpose, whilst creating sustainable business relationships.

Interaction and individual attention is what formed the heart and soul of J&B Printers, built together with accountability and efficiency set a firm foundation for a brand that no stands strong over three decades later.

Having offices span across Durban City, from Russell Street, to South Beach to Musgrave and finally now at the current location at 62 Florida Road, Windermere Durban, J&B Printers have maintained a strong Durban presence yet their products and services reach across Southern Africa and beyond.